Daily Lift – from Dave Goodwin

From this week’s parasha Eikev Moshe says to benei Yisrael (ch9 v4-6) that it is not because of their righteousness that they will come to possess Eretz Yisrael but instead it is because of the wickedness of the nations that dwell on the Land and also because of the fulfilment of the covenant with Avraham, Yitzhak and Yaacov.
We sit on the shoulders of the thoughts, actions and lives of our forefathers who yearned deeply for a constant connection to HaKadosh Baruchu and who were the living embodiment of Torah. We must always humble ourselves to the simple and truthful fact that it is not because of us that we are even alive today as a nation and moreover that we have possession of a large part of Eretz Yisrael – it is due to the deal that Hashem struck with these awesome holy trailblazers who we mention in every Amida throughout the year and who stand before all our avodat Hashem. May we see the proper fulfilment of that covenant soon and may the wicked nations that still live on our Land be destroyed speedily.

These daily lifts are inspired by Jonny Chippeck and dedicated to his ‘refuah shleimah’. Get well soon Jonny!

Please step up to the plate and contribute your own small nugget of Torah by sending back to me at terence@speedquote.net. The more people we have contributing, the higher this  lift will go.  Keep them coming.

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