The Yetzer Hara

The Arizal teaches that we encounter most resistance in the area of our mission on earth, since the Yetzer Hara – the evil inclination – doesn’t want us to complete our mission successfully. The more we’re hampered by the Yetzer Hara, the more we have to accomplish on earth. Rabbi Arush, Foundations of Emuna, Garden of Emuna,

The Yetzer Hara is too from Hahem. To use a current theme the Olympics, a gold medal winner has progressed through local competitions beating increasingly harder competitors until he is pitched against the best competitors in the world. He only achieves what he does by pushing himself further and further as the competition gets stronger and stronger. Physically he will need to push himself harder and harder, but significantly, the more powerful the opposition, the margins become smaller and victories and defeats are played out more in the head than in the body. So too with the yetzer hara. It becomes a bigger and better adversary the more succesful we become in our spiritual tests.

These daily lifts are inspired by Jonny Chippeck and dedicated to his ‘refuah shleimah’. Get well soon Jonny!

Please step up to the plate and contribute your own small nugget of Torah by sending back to me at The more people we have contributing, the higher this daily lift will go. Keep them coming.

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