Life isn’t about pastimes (passing time). It’s about maximising time.

A person’s search for pastimes (literally to pass time) is an indication of boredom and life of emptiness, devoid of direction and purpose. The more someone has direction and purpose in life, the less he has available time. Indeed those fortunate people who know what they’re doing in life are all the time evaluating themselves and their use of time. They have a set of priorities, giving no time to things that aren’t connected to their mission in life, while devoting extensive time and effort to that which helps them attain their objectives. Such people don’t submit to boredom or fall into depression. Every moment of their life counts.

Rabbi Arush, Garden of Wisdom,

These daily lifts are inspired by Jonny Chippeck and dedicated to his ‘refuah shleimah’. Get well soon Jonny!

Please step up to the plate and contribute your own small nugget of Torah by sending back to me at The more people we have contributing, the higher this daily lift will go. Keep them coming.

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