The King has a plan for you… – contributed by Rabbi Jamie Cowland

On Rosh Hashana we reorient ourselves to look at the world properly. We slowly recreate for ourselves, through the davenings, a proper philosophy of life, a life based on the idea that G-d created us and the whole world for a purpose and a reason.

One of the most important reorientations that we must spend a few moments on is that we must never ever give up being positive about life. G-d is King means that life has purpose. That means life is meaningful and good, and it can be good and it will be good. Whatever negative feelings you are having…..just stop for a second and say… if G-d is king, then everything is meaningful, and its all worth it. It really is. I can carry on, I can fight the good fight, I can keep on trying. To be a better man, a better father, a better husband. Never give up cos ife is all about making G-d the king, and this particular King is the man with a plan. A plan for you and your greatness.


These daily lifts are inspired by Jonny Chippeck and dedicated to his ‘refuah shleimah’. Get well soon Jonny!

The more people we have contributing, the higher this daily lift will get. Keep them coming.

Please step up to the plate and contribute your own small nugget of Torah by sending back to me at

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