Learning the art of patience – by David Goodwin

One of my holy Rabbonim, Rabbi Moshe Rosenstein in Ramot Bet, made a shidduch last night between my neshama and a sefer kadosh called Tomer Devorah, by a contemporary and perhaps the Rebbe of the Arizal in Tzfat, Rabbi Moshe ben Yaacob Cordovero (1522-1570). It’s awesomely deep!

Reach for your Rosh Hashana Artscrolls and take a look at Tashlich (p630). At the start you’ll see the 13 Attributes of Mercy written over the text. This is Rav Cordovero’s work. In a nutshell the Rav demonstrates in this sefer how man can emulate Hashem through these 13 Attributes and connects them to these words in Tashlich.

Here’s a starter for ten. Take the first three words ‘מי קל כמוך’ ‘who G-d is like you’. The Rav explains that this refers to Hashem as the patient King and goes on to say that in Hashem’s mercy it is He who gives us the life force and the ability to move our limbs and muscles to sin when we choose to which is akin to a paramedic treating someone having a heart attack whilst the patient being helped is smacking the paramedic in the face! But he still continues to treat him! In effect Hashem allows Himself to be totally humiliated by this creature He created who utilises the power of life for evil YET STILL patiently and lovingly permits that person to live. What chesed and patience!

This is a virtue that man can make his own, choosing to be patient, accepting insults and still not refuse to bestow loving kindness on the one who curses him. Yes it’s a high level but it’s possible. Rav Kook z’tl excelled in this midda and would take all the abuse that the secular Jews gave him but still pour endless love upon them.
Shana tova, refuah shelema to Yonatan Yitzhak ben Channah Chippeck haTzadik
Love from the holiness of Yerushalyim
David Goodwin


These daily lifts are inspired by Jonny Chippeck and dedicated to his ‘refuah shleimah’. Get well soon Jonny!

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