Churchill, Success, and the Baal Shem Tov – by Mike Tabor

Churchill defined success as going from failure to failure with enthusiasm

I have always found this observation intriguing but never really made sense of it

until I came across this teaching of the BST.


A basic teaching of the Tora is ” Shivisi Hashem Lenegdi tomid – To have the image of God before me at all times


The Besht suggests that the word SHIVISI- is linked to the word HISHTAVUS-treating every experience equally.

He develops the idea to mean that in life, with a firm belief and trust in Hashem, we try to view everything with equanimity.A challenge indeed! Neither to be impressed by success or depressed by seeming failure.Our essence,our inner worth is not impacted by external circumstances.


Have a successful year!

Gemar Tov




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