Future of the Daily Lift

I am sorry that I haven’t done this earlier, but here in Israel as you know there has been a lot going on.  The consensus seems to be to keep the Daily Lifts going, in Jonny’s ‘zechut’ at least for the ‘shloshim’ (the first 30 days). Please start sending in your Dvar Torahs. Also if anyone wants to send in a Hesped (eulogy) please do so. Here are 2 that were sent in followed by an explanation of Hespeds and Shloshim.

This from David Goodwin:

Our souls are bound up with Jonnys soul for all the right reasons and I pray we continue to build ourselves and the Jewish people on his giant shoulders. We love you from this world to the next Jonnyboychick. You simply were a top yid here and are a top yid there. A true inspiration who just said it as it is and I simply dig that. Love always David Goodwin.

And this from Sasha:

I will never and have never forgotten this wonderful man.

The Shulchan Aruch (Yoreh Deeah344, 1) states: “It is a great mitzvah to eulogize the dead person appropriately.”

It brings merit to the deceased by stirring the living to follow in his footsteps which in turn benefits the deceased “for having bequeathed his good deeds [to others] for all time.”

The M’kor Chayim explains that the thirty day period of aveilus was set by Chazal in relation to the thirty day period of “z’man hischadshus hayaraiach,” the  time for the renewal of the moon. Just as the moon initially appears small, peaks in mid-month and then declines, so too is the pattern of man’s life cycle — born an infant, man grows and develops to his peak in mid-life, and then begins a descent which ends in death. But just as the moon after its thirty day cycle begins a renewal, likewise a person after death also experiences rebirth through the new existence of his soul in Olam HaBah.

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  1. Sam Chippeck

     /  February 7, 2013

    It has not been a moment without forgetting this man! I wish I could have just spent more time with him as I had so many things I could have told him. Every week just visiting this man without even being able to touch him from his hospital bed was the hardest thing to cope with and I hope that no nephew would ever have to suffer this kind of painful relationship! The last thing he told me (a week before he passed away) was to succeed my a-levels and that is what I am going to do. Not just for me but for him too!! RIP


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