Hesped from Darren Freedman

‘Death,Life and Purpose’

‘Gd saw all that he had created and behold, it was very good’ Bereishis 1:31

Chazal explained that the phrase ‘it was very good’ refers to death.

Rabbi S Wagschal writes;
G-d taught by this that death gives value and stability to life, for the awareness of the day of death is one of the greatest deterrents to sin. Also the knowledge that life will come to an end bring home to a person the realization that life is precious and that one should make the most of it. In this way, the day of death becomes a vehicle to bring ‘true life’ to ones life.
As we say in Ma’ariv prayer- Torah and Mitzvos are our life and the fulfillment of our days.

Johny, You would often remind me of how precious life is. I believe you Had come to that realization and you inspired so many others with your warmth, devotion and chesed…..
I miss you very much..love Darren

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