Chanukah = Cheenuch

The Name Chanuka is very similar to to word cheenuch, which mean to educate, or set someone on the right path. Like when you move to a new place and do a chanukat Habayit.

We are taught that cheenuch is based on 2  things. first is awe or fear then Love.

Awe or fear is usually describe in negative ways like fear of flying or fear of the dark, fear of the unknown….., this kind of fear can lead to nowhere and nothing good.

It seems that when your awe is directed to Hashem then the act of the mitzva turns it into love for Hashem.  Only with the initial awe, concern or fear towards Hashem  can someone  turn his  mitza into an act of love. This relationship of awe and fear  can also be seen between parent, child  or between spouses


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