Finding that little spark inside of you

When the Jews overcame the Greeks and they came to the Beit Hamikdash they could only find one jar of oil sealed by the Kohen Gadol, sufficient to keep the Menorah alight for one day. But a miracle occurred and it burned for eight days

The lack of sufficient oil for all eight days alludes to the fact that those who were to light the Menorah lacked proper preparation and atonement. They had only a minute trace of true preparation for performing the mitzvah, the trace which is hidden within every Jew and which G-d protects from being obscured from foreign infuence. If one searches for this trace, he shall surely find it and with G-d’s help, it expands and spreads until it fills the entire person, just as the single jar of oil was miraculously sufficient for all eight days.

Rabbi Eliyahu Kitov, Book of our Heritage

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