Finding meaning in things that seem to hard to fathom

“And  Yosef said to his brothers, I am Yosef.”

The Chofetz Chaim commented that from the time the brothers first came to Egypt to get food and Yosef spoke to them roughly and accused them of being spies, they were very puzzled about what exactly was happening. In both encounters with Yosef they had many questions about their experiences. But as soon as thry heard the words, ‘I am Yosef’ all their questions were answered. The difficulties they had understanding the underlying meaning of the events they experienced were now completely clarified.

Similarly, said the Chaofetz Chaim, when the entire world will hear the words ‘I am Hashem’ all the questions and difficulties that people had about the history of the world will be answered. The entire matter will be clarified and understood. Everyone will see how the hand of the Almighty caused everything for our own benefit.

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