Arrogant. Me?

In this week’s parsha Pharoah makes himself an icon of stubborness by steadfastly refusing to let the Jewish people go in the face of an ever-increasing series of destructive plagues. ‘And Moshe and Aharon came to Pharoah and they said to him, this is what the Almighty, The Lord of the Hebrews said, How long will you refuse to humble yourself before me? Let my people go and they shall serve me.’

Rabbi Pliskin (Growth through Torah) writes there are many people who cause themselves problems in life because of their arrogance. It is their arrogance which makes them retaliate when someone slights them in some manner. A person with humility would remain silent and that would end the matter. But the arrogant person answers in an attacking manner and this serves to prolong the quarrel. A person with humility will ask for forgiveness when he has wronged someone, even if he feels that the other person is more to blame than himself. The arrogant person will not ask for forgiveness even when he knows he is really at fault. He feels it is beneath his dignity to show that he has any weaknesses and will suffer rather than do what he considers belittling himself.

How much do we harm ourselves by being arrogant?  Are we not being arrogant on some level by not admitting even to ourselves we are not perfect and make mistakes?


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