Courage of Convictions: Part 2 – Courage

We said yesterday that to have a conviction one has to clarify the truth in his own mind until it becomes crystal clear what Hashem denands of him in that particular area of life. We may have clarified in our mind that we don’t want to overeat but in the heat of battle, when someone puts a delicious cheesecake in front of us, will we be strong enough to resist? How do we build ourselves up so we can have the courage of our convictions.

Two factors lead to courage. One is our attitude to failure: if we count each failure as a step closer to our success rather than something that should defeat us, then we will be strengthened by our falls rather than weakened by them. It is said that you don’t truly understand a halacha till you make a mistake in it. A mistake brings clarity and brings something that had so far only lived in theory into actuality. A breach helps us build a stronger wall next time the enemy come knocking.

The second factor that leads to courage is prayer, to ask Hashem to help us ‘live according to this point of truth and maintain a strong and clear conception of this truth no matter what tries to influence otherwhise.’ Prayer is the best way to fortify the wall and ‘build a partition against base desires.’ (Rav Arush)



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