Hashem is in charge of every detail

‘This month shall be for you the first of the months.’ (Shmot 12:2)

Rabbi Moshe Feinstein commented that the month of Tishrei is the month of the creation of the world. The month of Nissan is the month of the exodus from Egypt. Both months are lessons in our awareness of the Almighty’s power. The first lesson is that the Almighty is the Creator of the universe. The second lesson is that of Divine Providence, that Hashem is involved in every detail of our lives. The Almighty controls the events of the world and therefore he is the one who enslaved the children of Israel and He is the one that freed them. The Torah is telling us in this verse that the lesson of the Alimghty’s guiding historical events is even more important than the lesson of the creation of the world. So Nissan, when the Jews left Egypt where the hand of G-d was felt tangibly in every Jew’s life takes precedence over Tishrei when Hashem created the world.

Based on Growth through Torah by Rabbi Pliskin.





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