The Equalizer

No, I’m not talking about Teddy Shringham in the 1999 European Cup Final or an average detective series starring Edward Woodward in the 80s, I’m talking about this great concept I’ve just discovered. It involves looking at a choice you are about to make or a  reaction you are going to choose to make. Before you make it ‘equalize’ the results, meaning play both options out in your head, the one where you get what you wanted and the one where you don’t and be at peace with both results.

So for example you are about to walk through the door after an exhausting day, and you pray before you walk in that your wife is delighted to see you and the kids are quietly doing their homework at the table. You know there’s an equal chance that your wife is more exhausted than you and the kids are tearing each other to pieces. So accept that if it is the latter that turns out, that is Hashem’s will and he knows what’s better for you than you do.

Based on Forest Fields (Rabbi Arush),

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