What can you be?

Don’t needlessly limit and block yourself from being all that you can be. Don’t wrongly assume that you can’t be a magnificent human being with refined character traits. Don’t mistakenly think that your awesome brain’s billions of neurons can’t learn and know a massive amount of knowledge and wisdom.

The way you think about yourself creates who you are. The way you think about your happiness and joy, your confidence and courage, your intellect, and your potential talents and skills, creates your self-image. Be open to more and more possibilities for yourself. Be willing to develop yourself and your self-image step by tiny step.

From ‘Building your self-image and the self-image of others (Rabbi Pliskin)’

Let me know if this book speaks to you and we can work our way through it, in bite-size chunks over the next few weeks. I think apart from what we will learn about ourselves, which will be really valuable, it will be a great tool for helping us educate our kids, grandkids, colleagues, pupils etc…

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