Ethics of the Fathers (4:1) describes the honourable person as “someone who shows honour and respect to someon else.”

I have always wanted to know how this works. Why should honouring someone else make you honourable. Rabbi Pliskin says:

Think of times you’ve noticed people being treated and spoken to with respect. How do you speak to people you greatly respect? What do you do treat them with respect? Speak to many more people this way, and treat many more people this way.

You will become more aware of the potential of each and every person, and know that they can continue to develop themselves further. Your belief in others will make it easier for them to believe in themselves. When you treat other people with authentic respect, uou will have a positive influence on their self-image. They will see themselves in a more positive light.

After you consistently treat other people with respect, your self-image can be: ‘I am considered an honourable and respectful person by my Father, my King, Creator and Sustainer of the universe, because I treat other people with respect.’

Building your self-image and the self-image of others (Rabbi Zelig Ploiskin)

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