Aim for the best and prepare for the best

One of my bosses used to say to me: ‘Aim for the best but prepare for the worst.’  I thought it was brilliant advice and made it my mantra for many years. But now I’m trying to work to a different mantra: ‘Aim for the best and prepare for the best.’ In other words, start visualizing and imagining how some idea, dream, aspiration will pan out and become real, even if if it is unlikely or impossible. And by putting Hashem in the equation, maybe, just maybe, this crazy dream may come true. This is what Sara Yosef, daughter-in-law of Rabbi Ovadia Yosef says on the subject:

If we focus on logical calculations that seem to prove that a certain plan or idea has no chance of succeding, this limits our ambitions. Trying to be ‘realistic’ – because ‘so many others have tried and failed’ or ‘past experience shows we were right in our assumption, and we surely will not be able to realize our aspirations’- and all these defeatist attitudes restrict a person’s ability to focus on what he or she really wants to achieve.

Emunah (faith that we are capable of achieving all our desires) is the opposite of all these calculations. Emunah begins at the point where calculating and planning end.

Hakadosh Baruch Hu is all-powerful; there is no problem or hindrance that can prevent Him from providing us with our needs in accordance with the extent of our desires and our emunah in Him. We need only believe in Hashem and desire his goodness.

It’s all in Your Mind (Sara Yosef)

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