Words have power, often in unimaginable ways

People attach more importance to actions than words, mainly because it usually takes longer for speech to have an effect. But words have power too.

Dr Masaru Emoto conducted an astounding experiment examining the effects of prayer, sounds and words on the quality of water. Dr Emoto gathered groups of people and he placed bottles of plain tap water in front of them. In front of some of the bottles people said positive, encouraging words, and in front of other people said negative, discouraging words. Afterwards, Dr Emoto froze the water in bottles and examined the ice crystals under a microscope. He discovered that when people spoke positive words, the water in their vicinity produced beautifully shaped crystals, while when people spoke negative words the water near them produced rather grotesque crystalline forms.

This experiment demonstrate that indeed our words affect our surroundings. If one’s speech can influence inert matter, you can be sure that they can affect human beings. Our words have an impact on everyone us, often in unimaginable ways.

From Its all in Your Mind (by Sara Yosef)





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