What defines my self-image

When teaching self-discipline, I like to focus on four factors: Goals, Traits, Emotional States, and Self-Image.

Goals are all the many things that you wish to do and accomplish in your life. You have major life goals and minor ones. When you have a positive self-image your goals will be higher and you will be more likely to reach them.

Your traits are your patterns of thinking, feeling, speaking and acting that create the positive qulaities of happiness, kindness,courage, patience, serenity, enthusiasm, harmony with others, and gratitude.

Your emotional states are your feelings at a given moment. Your states are not the totality of who you are; your states are how you feel. Even if you feel miserable you are not a miserable person. You have intrinsic value of immense proportions regardless of how you happen to feel.

Your self-image is your sense of identity, the way you describe yourself. It’s the way you answer ‘Who am I?’ Your feelings about yourself might vary depending on the emotional state you are experiencing, but your basic view of yourself  can constantly be, ‘I am a valuable human being, and its up to me to live my life in a way that brings out the best in myself.’

When you think about your self-image in the context of these four factors, it makes it easier to realize that your emotional feelings may rise and fall or be high and low; you will feel good at times and bad at others, but your self-image is in a different category. It is the category of states that changes, not your self-image. The category of self-image is a statement of your mindset about your basic value and worth. Remember that your value and worth are always high.

From ‘Building your self-image and the self-image of others (Rabbi Pliskin)’

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