The Power of Thought

Rabbi Yosef Karo, while he was in the process of writing his monumental work, the Shulchan Aruch, often fasted in an effort to gain Hashem’s favour in resolving unresolved questions related to his book. On a regular basis, after a day of fasting an angel would visit him at night and answer his questions. One day Rabbi Karo the day after an angel had answered one of his questions, went into a study hall and found two students learning Torah. To his surprise, one of them asked the question Rabbi Karo couldn’t find an answer for, and then later the same student came up with the answer. Rabbi Karo, though initially despondent about this, was comforted by the angel the following night who explained: ‘Until yesterday, this respo0nse did not exist in the world. Once I provided the knowledge, it became possible for anyone to arrive at the same conclusion.’

The power of thought is so great taht someone else whom he had never met could consequently speak knowledge that no one had ever known previously, but was in the mind of one person.

From Its all in Your Mind (by Sara Yosef)

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