Purim is great

The significance of Purim is so great that our sages found allusions to other festivals contained within it. Thus:

Purim is like Pesach – on both we emerged from bondage to freedom.

Purim is like Shavuot – we accepted the Torah again on Purim

Purim is like Rosh Hashanah – the book of the living and the dead were open

Purim is like Yom Kippur – the generation of Purim then expiated their sins

Purim is like Sukkot – just as Sukkot commemorates the protection accorded us by the divine cloud of glory in the wilderness, likewise did many non-Jews enter under the protecting wings of the Shechinah during Purim. (The reference to many gentiles who converted to Judaism)

Taken from The Book of our Heritage (Eliyahu Kitov)

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