Can we say the Haggadah in English?

The main purpose of the Haggadah is to acquaint our children with the story of the Exodus and to publicize the miracles that occurred. The leader of the Seder should therefore communicate the Haggadah in a language the children understand. The Beis Yosef (Orach Chayim 473) says: “It should be recited in any language that women and children understand….R.Yitzchak of London (one of the ba’alei hatosafot) would recite the entire Haggadah in English so that the women and children would understand.”

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  1. Debra

     /  March 18, 2013

    i can certainly uinderstand children needing to hear the hagaddah read to them in their mother tongue but i don’t understand the assumption that women are also unabale to understand the hagaddah. if i were a religious woman or חזרה בתשובה i would be deeply offended.
    חג שמח
    Debra (chippeck) Zayit


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