Two halves of matzah – two radically different identities.

When we do ‘Yachatz’ and break the middle matzah in ‘half’, we are left with two radically different Matzah ‘identities.’

1. One half, the smaller piece becomes ‘poor man’s bread.’ The larger piece (Afikoman) on the other hand is symbolic of the Paschal lamb which was eaten in a manner of majesty and royalty.

2. The smaller piece remains on the table; but the larger piece must be hidden away.

3. The smaller piece is an “exile” Matzah over which we bemoan the slavery of our ancestors in Egypt; the larger piece is a “redemption” Matzah with which we look forward expectantly to the day when we will eat the Paschal lamb once again.

4. The smaller piece reminds us of the Egyptian exodus whose effects were eventually reversed with further exiles following; the larger piece alludes to the future redemption whose effects will be permanent and everlasting.

From the Gutnik Haggadah

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