Miracle stories – Slam on the brakes

A heavy bus lost control of its brakes on the slope going down to Beitar, in the Judean Hills south of Jerusalem. Miraculously, the bus didn’t hit anything on the way. Eventually, it crashed into a car that a father and son had exited just minutes before.

‘How did you merit this miracle?’ they asked the father, whose life and the life of his son were miraculously saved. ‘I listen to Rabbi Arush’s Torah lessons and always thank Hashem. In this merit, Hashem performed such a miracle for me,’ he answered,

A person who thanks Hashem constantly experiences miracles all the time.

From Garden of Gratitude, Rabbi Arush, http://www.breslev.com


Miracle stories – An Easy Match

I met a person who told me about a 45-year-old man who lived in his neighbourhood. He was well-liked by everyone, had a pleasant nature, enjoyed helping out, and greeted everyone with a smile. But for some reason, he had not yet managed to find a wife. The entire neighbourhood prayed for him and looked for a suitable match for him, but to no avail. Then somebody brought him my CD, Stop Crying.

He listened to the CD and started thanking Hashem every day for a full hour: ‘Thank You very much, Hashem, that I still have not found my marriage partner. This is certainly the very best for me. I thank You for holding off my match until now, because You do only what is the very best for me. Nothing can be better than this. I thank You with all my heart and am happy with everything that You have done with me until today.”

Within 2 weeks, he found his match. Once again, such is the power of thanksgiving.

Based on Garden of Gratitude, Rabbi Arush, http://www.breslev.com

Miracle stories – The stroke that turned to joy

A man about 60 years old, who was not observant, was blinded by a stroke. While he was in a serious condition, a debt collection agency came for a huge sum from the man. They threatened to take all his possessions, which would not even cover the sum of the debt.

The man fell into a terrible depression. One of our yeshiva students gave him the Stop Crying CD. He listened to it once and began thanking Hashem; he listened to the CD over again. He began to feel joy and thanked Hashem for his troubles.

After a number of hours of thanking Hashem, he burst into tears and asked Hashem to forgive him and have mercy on him. He again thanked Hashem for everything, but asked Hashem to help him. Soon he regained his eyesight. Then again someone came to him and gave him – as a gift – the entire sum that he needed to cover his debt! Here was a man who was light years away from Torah and mitzvot; thoughts of doing teshuva were foreign to him. As such, this story clearly shows the power of thanksgiving followed by heartfelt prayer.

From Garden of Gratitude, Rabbi Arush, http://www.breslev.com

Miracle stories – Unexpected Income

A certain kollel (post-Yeshiva) student was receiving 900 shekels in monthly support from his local kollel. He lived in poverty and prayed and did teshuva to try to increase his income. Nothing helped, until he heard a CD on thanksgiving. He began to spend an hour daily in personal prayer, thanking Hashem for his meager income. He expressed confidence that his poverty was an atonement and thanked Hashem for the fact that everyone in his family was healthy.

He continued in this manner for an hour daily; thanking Hashem and feeling joy with his lot in life. Within a few weeks, a man he did not know approached him and told him that he was looking for someone who would learn in his father’s memory – he would offer a monthly salary to do so. From that day on, he paid him almost 7000 shekels every month.

From Garden of Gratitude, Rabbi Arush, http://www.breslev.com

Miracle stories – The disapperaing hole

A baby was born to a couple. The hospital staff told them that they suspected that there was a small hole in one of the atria of the baby’s heart. The doctors were convinced they must perform open heart surgery – a very dangerous undertaking, especially for a newborn. They informed the parents there was not much time to wait, since the hole was growing.

The grief-stricken parents came to me for a blessing and I instructed them to go to the resting place of Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochai and spend six hours in personal prayer regarding their son. But they couldn’t keep it up for six hours. After two hours they felt they couldn’t continue.

They arrived home and were told that the hole in their son’s heart had dangerously expanded and they must bring in for an emergency operation. The wife cried incessantly. Her husband said to her: “We have exactly one hour to the operation. Let us thank Hashem for this trouble for an entire hour.”

The couple sat in the waiting room. Their lips were saying thank You, but their hearts were not with them. For an entire hour they made a tremendous effort to believe this situation was for the best. After an hour the baby was wheeled into the operating room. After some time, the doctor came out of the operating room and asked the parents to come into his office. When they entered, he said with a mixture of happiness and embarrassment, “I really apologize. We did a cardiac catheterization on the baby and discovered he doesn’t have a hole in the heart at all. He doesn’t have anything! He is completely healthy!

From Garden of Gratitude, Rabbi Arush, http://www.breslev.com

Wakey Wakey

If a person wakes up in the morning when you merely whisper his name, then you don’t have to pour a bucket of cold water on his head. In identical manner when we heed Hashem’s ‘whispers’ – his subtle wakeup calls – we spare ourselves the louder and more megaphone-type tribulation wakeup calls.

From Garden of Gratitude, Rabbi Arush, http://www.breslev.com

Who is in charge?

The more a person believes in Divine Providence – knowing that his fate lies solely in Hashem’s hands – the stronger his trust in Hashem. The Almighty’s Divine Providence is manifest in His minutely detailed Divine Supervision over every creation, from the greatest of galaxies to the tiniest microscopic creatures – with no exception. Hashem decides which stars will explode and which grain of pollen will be picked up by a certain bee. Stop and think how no two snowflakes are alike. Ponder the fact that every person has their own unique fingerprints. These are two amazing examples of Hashem’s individual and precisely guided supervision.

From Garden of Gratitude, Rav Arush, http://www.breslev.com

You, too are a shepherd

Hashem said to Moshe “You are the right person to be the shepherd of my flock.” Just as He chose Moshe to be the faithful shepherd of his nation, Israel, so Hashem has chosen each and every parent, educator, advisor to be the faithful shepherd oh His flock. You are raising the next generation of great sages of Israel. Their success and the success of the entire world is in your hands. Your patience and undestanding will determine the future.

Based on Garden of Education, Rav Arush, http://www.breslev.com

A person’s true character is revealed in his anger

Our sages teach “A person’s true character is revealed in his anger.” Anger indicates a lack of refinement. Contrastingly, self-control expresses refined character

From Garden of Education, Rav Arush, http://www.breslev.com

Day of Independence – A day of redemption?

Two Jews, three opinions. This phrase was made for Yom Ha’atzmut (Independence Day). On the one hand how can we say this a day of redemption to parallel Pesach, Purim and Chanukah. ‘We have never heard of such a redemption – a redemption that lacks revelation of the Divine light, a redemption accompanied by constant bloodshed in ceaseless battles, large and small and in which the overwhelming majority of our people dwells outside the land of Israel.’

But on the other hand the 5th Iyar 5708 (1948) represent a miracle, a victory against impossible odds and the end of a 1880 year exile.

Maybe it is this: We are at the beginning of the process of redemption. ‘The Midrash teaches: The redemption is like the aurora of dawn, for it is to come in stages as does the light of the morning. At its onset, darkness prevails, but as it advances, it grows brighter and stronger until all is flooded by the daylight.’

Based on The Book of Our Heritage, Rabbi Eliyahu Kitov