Day of Independence – A day of redemption?

Two Jews, three opinions. This phrase was made for Yom Ha’atzmut (Independence Day). On the one hand how can we say this a day of redemption to parallel Pesach, Purim and Chanukah. ‘We have never heard of such a redemption – a redemption that lacks revelation of the Divine light, a redemption accompanied by constant bloodshed in ceaseless battles, large and small and in which the overwhelming majority of our people dwells outside the land of Israel.’

But on the other hand the 5th Iyar 5708 (1948) represent a miracle, a victory against impossible odds and the end of a 1880 year exile.

Maybe it is this: We are at the beginning of the process of redemption. ‘The Midrash teaches: The redemption is like the aurora of dawn, for it is to come in stages as does the light of the morning. At its onset, darkness prevails, but as it advances, it grows brighter and stronger until all is flooded by the daylight.’

Based on The Book of Our Heritage, Rabbi Eliyahu Kitov

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