Miracle stories – The disapperaing hole

A baby was born to a couple. The hospital staff told them that they suspected that there was a small hole in one of the atria of the baby’s heart. The doctors were convinced they must perform open heart surgery – a very dangerous undertaking, especially for a newborn. They informed the parents there was not much time to wait, since the hole was growing.

The grief-stricken parents came to me for a blessing and I instructed them to go to the resting place of Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochai and spend six hours in personal prayer regarding their son. But they couldn’t keep it up for six hours. After two hours they felt they couldn’t continue.

They arrived home and were told that the hole in their son’s heart had dangerously expanded and they must bring in for an emergency operation. The wife cried incessantly. Her husband said to her: “We have exactly one hour to the operation. Let us thank Hashem for this trouble for an entire hour.”

The couple sat in the waiting room. Their lips were saying thank You, but their hearts were not with them. For an entire hour they made a tremendous effort to believe this situation was for the best. After an hour the baby was wheeled into the operating room. After some time, the doctor came out of the operating room and asked the parents to come into his office. When they entered, he said with a mixture of happiness and embarrassment, “I really apologize. We did a cardiac catheterization on the baby and discovered he doesn’t have a hole in the heart at all. He doesn’t have anything! He is completely healthy!

From Garden of Gratitude, Rabbi Arush, http://www.breslev.com

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