Miracle stories – Unexpected Income

A certain kollel (post-Yeshiva) student was receiving 900 shekels in monthly support from his local kollel. He lived in poverty and prayed and did teshuva to try to increase his income. Nothing helped, until he heard a CD on thanksgiving. He began to spend an hour daily in personal prayer, thanking Hashem for his meager income. He expressed confidence that his poverty was an atonement and thanked Hashem for the fact that everyone in his family was healthy.

He continued in this manner for an hour daily; thanking Hashem and feeling joy with his lot in life. Within a few weeks, a man he did not know approached him and told him that he was looking for someone who would learn in his father’s memory – he would offer a monthly salary to do so. From that day on, he paid him almost 7000 shekels every month.

From Garden of Gratitude, Rabbi Arush, http://www.breslev.com

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