Miracle stories – The stroke that turned to joy

A man about 60 years old, who was not observant, was blinded by a stroke. While he was in a serious condition, a debt collection agency came for a huge sum from the man. They threatened to take all his possessions, which would not even cover the sum of the debt.

The man fell into a terrible depression. One of our yeshiva students gave him the Stop Crying CD. He listened to it once and began thanking Hashem; he listened to the CD over again. He began to feel joy and thanked Hashem for his troubles.

After a number of hours of thanking Hashem, he burst into tears and asked Hashem to forgive him and have mercy on him. He again thanked Hashem for everything, but asked Hashem to help him. Soon he regained his eyesight. Then again someone came to him and gave him – as a gift – the entire sum that he needed to cover his debt! Here was a man who was light years away from Torah and mitzvot; thoughts of doing teshuva were foreign to him. As such, this story clearly shows the power of thanksgiving followed by heartfelt prayer.

From Garden of Gratitude, Rabbi Arush, http://www.breslev.com

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