Life is like a washing machine

We must learn to punish from Hashem; Hashem’s goal in punishment is neither torment nor revenge. Anytime Hashem punishes, His objective is to stimulate a process of correction. Hashem’s way of punishing is comparable to a washing machine: Even though the washing machine soaks a garment, whacks it hundreds of times and spin dries at head-spinning speed, the washing machine has no intention of tormenting the garment. It only does what’s necessary to cleanse the garment.

When we punish a child, punishment should be corrective and educational, and not a punitive one. Cruelty, anger and a desire to make the wayward child suffer do not lead to the child’s improvement; to the contrary, parental venting and other negative measures only encourage a child to revolt

From Garden of Education, Rav Arush,

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